Pink Cove Treasures Gives Back!

When I started this business I wanted to be intentional about showing up as my full self. It's very important to me that this brand is a reflection of my personal values and convictions. 

As a Queens girl I am very invested in supporting my NY community in any way I can. I launched a pilot of the giveback program in March 2021 and have been growing with it ever since. 

Pink Cove Treasures Gives Back is dedicated to donating a portion of select profits to local NYC organizing efforts. So far we have supported local community fridges/kitchens, shelters for the unhoused and local community members seeking stability and safety. The purpose is to give back to efforts which are community centered and led. It important to me that we center the most marginalized experiences in our work. 

In 2021 we were able to fundraise almost $2,000 to give back to the community around the city. You can find a receipts with details below. 

As we grow and expand our shop, we are taking a break to brainstorm the most efficient and accountable way to reintroduce the giveback program. Stay tuned for more details soon!